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Heysham 2


  • Operator/Licensee: EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd
  • Parent body organisation: EDF Energy
  • Type of site: Operational
  • Location: Morecambe, Lancashire

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Heysham 2 - Copyright EDF Energy


Heysham 2 is located near Morecambe, west of Lancaster on the north west coast of England.

Heysham 2 has two advanced gas reactors (AGR), building started in 1979 and Heysham 2 became operational on 12 July 1988. Heysham 2 is capable of supplying over 2.5 million homes - enough electricity to keep three cities the size of Liverpool supplied during peak loading hours.

End of generation is currently estimated by EDF Energy to be in 2028.

Heysham 2 is operated by the licence holder EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd, a subsidiary company of EDF Energy plc.