Office for Nuclear Regulation

Comments invited on updated external hazards papers

This consultation is now closed

We are inviting comments from interested stakeholders on our updated reference papers for Coastal Flood Hazards and Meteorological Hazards for Nuclear Sites.

These reference papers are part of a suite of documents that form our Technical Assessment Guide for External Hazards (TAG 13). TAG 13 provides additional guidance to our specialist inspectors beyond that in the Safety Assessment Principles for Nuclear Facilities to assist them carry out inspections.

The reference papers provide additional detail on the analysis of the external hazards for nuclear sites and have been produced by our Expert Panel on Natural Hazards, a group of academic and industry technical specialists working under contract to provide us with independent expert advice.

All comments will be considered and should be submitted in the below comments form and sent via email to

However, as this is not a ‘formal consultation’ we will not be replying to individual responders to outline how their comment(s) were sentenced.