Office for Nuclear Regulation

Nuclear reactor construction


ONR is responsible, amongst other things, for regulating licensees that wish to construct and operate (commission) new nuclear power stations at sites in Great Britain.

A nuclear site licence must be in place and this puts the licence holder under strict legal obligations and, importantly, gives wider and deeper regulatory powers to ONR to ensure the safe construction, commissioning and operation of a nuclear site.  


ONR's regulatory responsibility starts at the point of granting of a nuclear site licence for a particular site. We will then use the powers available under the site licence to permission the start of construction and other subsequent key stages of construction and commissioning.

ONR's activities include interaction with BEIS, other UK regulatory bodies, NGOs and other UK and international stakeholders with an interest in our regulatory strategies and approaches to new reactor construction.

Current activities

ONR is currently regulating the construction of an EPR reactor at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, the licensee being NNB Generation Company (HPC) Limited.