Office for Nuclear Regulation

Regulatory Nuclear Interface Protocol (RNIP)

December 2022

ONR is committed to continual improvement of its processes and policies. In reviewing the RNIP framework we will be asking for evidence from present signatories and key stakeholders to inform the future consideration of the framework.

In the coming months, we will engage with interested parties to gain an understanding of their views. Based on this initial engagement we will consider further formal engagement with the representatives of stakeholder organisations including the Safety Directors Forum, to inform our next steps.

The evidence gathered will allow us to consider whether RNIP remains the right approach in supporting the engagements between regulators and dutyholders to promote effective ways of working.

Any future proposals will then be subject to further targeted engagement with interested stakeholders, and if necessary, this will be the subject to further consultation.

RNIP is an agreement between nuclear dutyholders (licensees/authorisees) and nuclear safety and security regulators, which sets out a shared vision: "To enable the safe, secure, effective use and control of nuclear technology and material for the overall benefit of society."

The protocol provides:

RNIP brings together dutyholders from the nuclear sector together with their regulators, the ONR and the Defence Nuclear Safety Regulator (DNSR) in the Ministry of Defence. The protocol is not regulator led but is a shared initiative with the industry, and was developed with the nuclear Safety Directors Forum.

The protocol was signed by leaders of the nuclear industry at HSE's 'Leading From The Top Conference' on 29 April 2008 and subsequently rolled out in participating organisations.

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