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Technical Assessment Guides (TAGs) - Nuclear security

Document ID Review date Title
CNS-TAST-GD-1.1 (Issue 1) March 2025 Security Governance and Leadership
CNS-TAST-GD-1.2 (Issue 2.1) April 2027 Organisational Security Capability
CNS-TAST-GD-1.3 (Issue 1) March 2025 Security Decision Making
CNS-TAST-GD-1.4 (Issue 1) March 2025 Organisational Learning for Security
CNS-TAST-GD-1.5 (Issue 1) March 2024 Security Assurance Processes
CNS-TAST-GD-2.1 (Issue 2) March 2025 Maintenance of a Robust Security Culture
CNS-TAST-GD-3.1 (Issue 3.1) April 2027 Identification and Analysis of Security Tasks and Roles
CNS-TAST-GD-3.2 (Issue 3) April 2027 Sufficiency and Competence of Personnel Delivering Security
CNS-TAST-GD-3.3 (Issue 3) April 2027

Workspaces, Equipment and User Interfaces

CNS-TAST-GD-3.4 (Issue 3) April 2027 Procedures and Administrative Controls
CNS-TAST-GD-4.1 (Issue 1) March 2024 Procurement and Intelligent Customer Capability
CNS-TAST-GD-4.2 (Issue 1) March 2024 Supplier Capability
CNS-TAST-GD-4.3 (Issue 1) March 2024 Oversight of Suppliers
CNS-TAST-GD-4.4 (Issue 1) March 2024 Commissioning
CNS-TAST-GD-5.1 (Issue 2) March 2025 Reliability and Resilience of the Security System
CNS-TAST-GD-5.2 (Issue 2) March 2025 Examination, Inspection, Maintenance and Testing of Physical Protection Systems
CNS-TAST-GD-5.3 (Issue 2) March 2025 Sustainability of Nuclear Security Arrangements
CNS-TAST-GD-6.1 (Issue 2) March 2025 Categorisation for Theft
CNS-TAST-GD-6.2 (Issue 2) June 2025 Categorisation for Sabotage
CNS-TAST-GD-6.4 (Issue 1.1) April 2027 Vulnerability Assessments
CNS-TAST-GD-6.5 (Issue 1.1) April 2027 Adjacent or Enclave Nuclear Premises
CNS-TAST-GD-6.6 (Issue 2) March 2025 Nuclear Construction Sites
CNS-TAST-GD-6.7 (Issue 2) March 2025 Class A Carriers – Transport Security Statements and Plans
CNS-TAST-GD-7.1 (Issue 2) March 2026 Effective Cyber and Information Risk Management
CNS-TAST-GD-7.2 (Issue 2.1) March 2027 Information Security
CNS-TAST-GD-7.4 (Issue 2) April 2026 Physical Protection of Information
CNSS-TAST-GD-7.5 (Issue 4) January 2027 Preparation for and Response to Cyber Security Events
CNS-TAST-GD-8.1 (Issue 2) March 2029 Cooperation of Departments with responsibility for delivering vetting and ongoing personnel security arrangements
CNS-TAST-GD-8.2 (Issue 1) November 2024 Pre-employment Screening and National Security Vetting
CNS-TAST-GD-8.3 (Issue 1) November 2024 Ongoing Personnel Security Aftercare
CNS-TAST-GD-9.1 (Issue 1) March 2024 CNC Response Force
CNS-TAST-GD-9.2 (Issue 1) March 2024 Local Police Forces
CNS-TAST-GD-9.3 (Issue 1) March 2024 Security Guard Services
CNS-TAST-GD-10.1 (Issue 2) October 2024 CT Measures EP&R Planning
CNS-TAST-GD-10.2 (Issue 2.1) October 2024 Testing and Exercising the Security Response
CNS-TAST-GD-10.3 (Issue 3) March 2025 Clarity of Command, Control and Communications Arrangements During and Post a Nuclear Security Event
CNSS-TAST-GD-11.1 (Issue 1.2) May 2026 Guidance on the Security Assessment of Generic New Nuclear Reactor Designs
CNS-TAST-GD-11.4.1 (Issue 1.1) January 2028 Secure by Design
CNS-TAST-GD-11.4.2 (Issue 1) April 2027 The Threat
CNS-TAST-GD-11.4.5 (Issue 1) April 2027 Functional Categorisation and Classification of Security Structures, Systems and Components
CNS-TAST-GD-11.4.6 (Issue 1.1) April 2027 Managing Changes to Security Standards, Procedures and Arrangements