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Working with industry

Engaging with industry

We use multiple channels to engage with industry from routine inspections - over 600 during 2020/21 - to regular meetings with dutyholders and licensees.

We continue to attend Site Stakeholder Groups, Local Liaison Committees and Local Community Liaison Councils, providing updates on our regulatory activity. We also engage with the Safety Director's Forum (SDF), which facilitates effective industry communication on strategic regulatory issues, and is useful for gathering regulatory intelligence and responding to industry views.

Our annual Industry Conference is an effective way to engage with those we regulate – this helps build effective and trusted working relationships. We are currently exploring how we will hold similar events in the next year in current circumstances and to public health guidelines.

The Chief Nuclear Inspector's Independent Advisory Panel meets twice a year to provide us with independent advice on nuclear matters.

The panel comprises a range of experts from industry, professional institutions and academics. In March 2019, we embraced greater transparency and diversity by appointing two NGO community members.