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Organisational Effectiveness Indicator (OEI) framework

Our Organisational Effectiveness Indicator (OEI) framework provides a broad evidence base for us to assure our board, government and the public of the efficiency and effectiveness of our regulation and progress against our Strategy 2020-25, and is based on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)’s Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) Ten Characteristics of an Effective Nuclear Regulator.

The ten OEIs are underpinned by sub-indicators, each with outputs and outcome-based measures, and other key performance indicators to tell us how well we are performing across our operations. When aggregated, these show our progress against our annual plans and strategy.

Governance structure of the OEI framework

Tier 1 OEIs: 5 year strategy outcomes


10 OEI outcomes aligned to our Strategy 2020-25 annual health check against 5 year strategy outcomes.

Tier 2 OEIs: In-year strategy outcomes and outputs

Regulatory Leadership Team and Corporate Services Leadership Team

10 OEI outcomes aligned to our Strategy 2020-25 quarterly health check against in-year OEI outcomes and outputs (informed by Tier 3 OEIs).

Tier 3 OEIs: Operational indicators

Directorate management teams

Governance and oversight of Tier 3 operational indicators.

Further information

You can find our current OEIs in our annual Corporate Plan.