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Chief Nuclear Inspector's Independent Advisory Panel


In 2016, we established the Chief Nuclear Inspector's (CNI) Independent Advisory Panel (IAP) to provide independent advice to us on nuclear related matters.

Our work as an independent regulator of the UK's nuclear industry is wide-ranging and technically complex and the views of the panel enhance our role as an effective regulator of the nuclear industry.

As part of our 2020-2025 Strategy we're committed to engaging with nuclear subject matter experts, including the CNI's IAP, to ensure that we have access to relevant information and opinions to inform our regulatory strategies and approaches.

Organisation and structure of CNI's IAP

The panel is chaired by the CNI and the independent members are selected by us and are experts in their relevant fields.

An IAP secretariat will ensure that panel members are informed about meeting dates and are provided with relevant documents in good time. 

Governance arrangements

The panel meets twice a year, bringing together experts from across the nuclear industry, academic community, NGOs, government departments and other regulators who contribute to informed debate and provide advice on relevant topics.

Members are individuals with recognised expertise and interests, and are expected to represent views from across the nuclear sector and not just their employer or organisation. Members must be independent of us and provide their views and expertise on a voluntary basis; we consider the advice and views of the panel in an objective manner.

Their discussions range from regulatory strategies and policy to implications of developments in new nuclear technologies and the regulation of innovation.

Members of the IAP will, to demonstrate good practice, follow the principles of providing scientific advice to government.  

Meeting agenda's and panel advice summaries