Office for Nuclear Regulation

Transport of radioactive material

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) is the competent authority for the transport of radioactive material (Class 7 dangerous goods) by road, rail and inland waterways within Great Britain. This role is overseen within ONR by the Transport Competent Authority team with the support of suitably qualified inspectors.

We also provide advice and guidance to other transport regulators for the movement of radioactive material in Northern Ireland and by sea and air.

The movement of radioactive material is wide ranging and includes flasks carrying spent nuclear fuel from operating and decommissioned nuclear reactors, radio-pharmaceuticals needed for hospitals, sealed radioactive sources needed in the construction industry and, for instance, in non-destructive testing applications on North Sea oil rigs.

ONR carries out the following activities related to the transport of radioactive material:

ONR also engages with:

ONR's transport competent authority team can be contacted through the Contact ONR process.


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