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International bodies and groups

The UK regulations for the transport of radioactive material are directly linked to international agreements which derive from the IAEA requirements for the transport of radioactive material - IAEA Specific Safety Requirements No. 6.

ONR represents the UK government and all other interested regulators at the IAEA Transport Safety Standards Committee (TRANSSC). ONR also supports the Department for Transport who attend other international regulatory meetings.

As the UK's representative to the IAEA, ONR is responsible for ensuring that dutyholders and the public have the opportunity to comment on documents being produced by the IAEA relating to the transport of Class 7 dangerous goods. Current IAEA documents available for review are found on the following page - International Atomic Energy Agency draft documents

ONR interfaces with other Competent Authorities across the world via Bi-lateral and Multi-lateral interactions to ensure that international movement of radioactive material meets all the regulatory requirements.