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Import of radioactive material


Importers must apply to ONR for a licence to import the following nuclear materials:

  • Tariff heading: ex 26 12
  • Uranium Ore concentrates. ex 28 44
  • Plutonium, Uranium 233, Uranium enriched in the isotopes 233 or 235, natural Uranium and mixtures, compounds and alloys containing any of the foregoing, including spent or irradiated nuclear reactor fuel elements (cartridges).

This is regulated by ONR CNSS.

Please be aware that all countries, including EU states, need to submit an import licence.

GOV.UK: Importing ‘relevant’ nuclear materials into the UK: licensing requirements


On 2 October 2006 the Secretary of State published guidance on the Open general export licence (OGEL) for the export of radioactive sources.

The OGEL concerns specific radionuclides within certain activity levels.

Where a duty holder wishes to export one of the radionuclides concerned, it must register its use of this license beforehand and comply with the requirements of the OGEL.

GOV.UK: Open general export licence (radioactive sources)