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Transport incident notifications

Incidents involving the movement of Class 7 dangerous goods should be reported to ONR via the Notify ONR process.

Transport incidents are categorised under the following areas; these areas are expanded on with examples in the available guidance:

ONR category Description Timimg
TS01 A radiological emergency.


TS02 Theft of loss of the Class 7 goods in carriage.


TS03 Emergency arrangements have been initiated in relation to Class 7 good even if, in the event, no intervention was made persuant to those events.


TS04 Release of radioactive materials or unplanned exposure to individuals. Immediate
TS05 Degradation in package safety. Immediate
TS06 Any other radiation or contamination limit breach. Day
TS07 General transport non-compliance otherwise not identified. Week
TS08 Safety significant event which did not involve a breach of regulations (near miss). Month
TS09 The discovery of radioactive material in a shipment believed to be non-radioactive. Month

In an emergency ONR can be contacted at any time using our emergency contact numbers.

For incidents involving other dangerous goods the Department for Transport is the appropriate competent authority and should be informed of incidents via their website – if multiple classes of dangerous goods are involved in the incident all appropriate regulatory bodies should be informed.

ONR is not a primary responder to transport incidents and in cases where emergency response is required this should be requested by dialling 999.