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UK-HPR1000 - Regulatory observations and resolution plans

On this page you will find detail of each Regulatory Observation and the associated Resolution Plan.

Regulatory Observation title RO ref. RO res plan ref. Closure letter
Diverse Actuation System Design Shortfalls RO-UKHPR1000-0001 RO-UKHPR1000-0001 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0001 closure letter
Demonstration that the UK HPR1000 Design is Suitably Aligned with the Generic Site Envelope RO-UKHPR1000-0002 RO-UKHPR1000-0002 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0002 closure letter
Suitable and Sufficient Severe Accident Analysis Safety Case RO-UKHPR1000-0003 RO-UKHPR1000-0003 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0003 closure letter
Development of a Suitable and Sufficient Safety Case RO-UKHPR1000-0004 RO-UKHPR1000-0004 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0004 closure letter
Demonstration that the UK HPR1000 Design reduces the risks associated with radioactive waste management, so far as is reasonably practicable RO-UKHPR1000-0005 RO-UKHPR1000-0005 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0005 closure letter
Avoidance of Fracture Demonstration RO-UKHPR1000-0006 RO-UKHPR1000-0006 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0006 closure letter
Aircraft Impact Safety Case for UK HPR1000 RO-UKHPR1000-0007 RO-UKHPR1000-0007 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0007 closure letter
Justification of the Structural Integrity Classification of the Main Coolant Loop RO-UKHPR1000-0008 RO-UKHPR1000-0008 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0008 closure letter
Geotechnical Design Parameters RO-UKHPR1000-0009 RO-UKHPR1000-0009 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0009 closure letter
Discharge estimates and limits RO-UKHPR1000-0010 RO-UKHPR1000-0010 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0010 closure letter
Human Factors capability and integration to deliver the GDA of UK HPR1000 RO-UKHPR1000-0011 RO-UKHPR1000-0011 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0011 closure letter
Identification and Application of Relevant Good Practice Applicable to Mechanical Engineering for the UK HPR1000 Design RO-UKHPR1000-0012 RO-UKHPR1000-0012 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0012 closure letter
Modelling of computer based system reliability in the PSA RO-UKHPR1000-0013 RO-UKHPR1000-0013 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0013 closure letter
Spent Fuel Building – Design of Nuclear Lifting Operations to Demonstrate Relevant Risks are Reduced to ALARP RO-UKHPR1000-0014 RO-UKHPR1000-0014 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0014 closure letter
Demonstration that Risks Associated with Fuel Deposits are Reduced so far as is Reasonably Practicable (SFAIRP) RO-UKHPR1000-0015 RO-UKHPR1000-0015 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0015 closure letter
Demonstration of compliance with relevant good practice for control and instrumentation RO-UKHPR1000-0016 RO-UKHPR1000-0016 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0016 closure letter
Demonstration of independence between C&I systems RO-UKHPR1000-0017 RO-UKHPR1000-0017 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0017 closure letter
Substantiation of HRA Inputs in PSA Model RO-UKHPR1000-0018 RO-UKHPR1000-0018 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0018 closure letter
Substantiation of Initiating Event Frequencies in the PSA RO-UKHPR1000-0019 RO-UKHPR1000-0019 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0019 closure letter
Veracity of PSA Data RO-UKHPR1000-0020 RO-UKHPR1000-0020 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0020 closure letter
Demonstration of the adequacy of Examination, Maintenance, Inspection and Testing (EMIT) of structures, systems and components important to safety RO-UKHPR1000-0021 RO-UKHPR1000-0021 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0021 closure letter
Design for Access and Inspectability RO-UKHPR1000-0022 RO-UKHPR1000-0022 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0022 closure letter
Demonstration of Diverse Protection for frequent faults RO-UKHPR1000-0023 RO-UKHPR1000-0023 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0023 closure letter
Management of Safety Quality Assurance RO-UKHPR1000-0024 RO-UKHPR1000-0024 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0024 closure letter
Vital Area Identification and Categorisation RO-UKHPR1000-0025 RO-UKHPR1000-0025 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0025 closure letter
Demonstration that radioactivity has been reduced So Far As Is Reasonably Practicable (SFAIRP) RO-UKHPR1000-0026 RO-UKHPR1000-0026 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0026 closure letter
Debris effects on Safety Injection System and Containment Heat Removal System performance RO-UKHPR1000-0027 RO-UKHPR1000-0027 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0027 closure letter
Adequate Justification of Estimated Public Doses for UK HPR1000 RO-UKHPR1000-0028 RO-UKHPR1000-0028 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0028 closure letter
Internal Fire PSA RO-UKHPR1000-0029 RO-UKHPR1000-0029 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0029 closure letter
Justification For The Use Of Automatic Diagnosis RO-UKHPR1000-0030 RO-UKHPR1000-0030 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0030 closure letter
Control of Boron during Normal Operations and Faults RO-UKHPR1000-0031 RO-UKHPR1000-0031 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0031 closure letter
Inadvertent Flooding of the Reactor Pit RO-UKHPR1000-0032 RO-UKHPR1000-0032 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0032 closure letter
Steam Generator Code Provisions and Mitigation of Relevant Risks RO-UKHPR1000-0033 RO-UKHPR1000-0033 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0033 closure letter
Minimisation of flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) risks so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP) RO-UKHPR1000-0034 RO-UKHPR1000-0034 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0034 closure letter
Optimisation of collective occupational radiation exposure for the UK HPR1000 RO-UKHPR1000-0035 RO-UKHPR1000-0035 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0035 closure letter
HEPA filter type RO-UKHPR1000-0036 RO-UKHPR1000-0036 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0036 closure letter
In-Core Instrument Assemblies Radioactive Waste Safety Case RO-UKHPR1000-0037 RO-UKHPR1000-0037 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0037 closure letter
Demonstration of the appropriate power rating and performance capability of the Electrical Power System RO-UKHPR1000-0038 RO-UKHPR1000-0038 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0038 closure letter
Performance Analysis of UK HPR1000 Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems RO-UKHPR1000-0039 RO-UKHPR1000-0039 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0039 closure letter
Provision of an adequate safety case for the interim storage of Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) RO-UKHPR1000-0040 RO-UKHPR1000-0040 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0040 closure letter
Disposability of Higher Activity Waste from the UK HPR1000 RO-UKHPR1000-0041 RO-UKHPR1000-0041 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0041 closure letter
Robust Demonstration of ALARP for Decommissioning of the UK HPR1000 RO-UKHPR1000-0042 RO-UKHPR1000-0042 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0042 closure letter
ALARP Demonstration for PSA RO-UKHPR1000-0043 RO-UKHPR1000-0043 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0043 closure letter
Identification and Use of Operational Experience (OPEX) in the UK HPR1000 Generic Design and Safety Case RO-UKHPR1000-0044 RO-UKHPR1000-0044 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0044 closure letter
Thermal hydraulic performance at fuel assembly edge RO-UKHPR1000-0045 RO-UKHPR1000-0045 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0045 closure letter
Demonstration that the Risks to HIC Components from Internal Hazards are Reduced to ALARP RO-UKHPR1000-0046 RO-UKHPR1000-0046 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0046 closure letter
Suitable and sufficient Level 2 PSA for UK HPR1000 RO-UKHPR1000-0047 RO-UKHPR1000-0047 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0047 closure letter
Equipment Qualification for Mechanical Engineering Based Structures Systems and Components RO-UKHPR1000-0048 RO-UKHPR1000-0048 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0048 closure letter
Generation, Transport and Behaviour of Tritium During Normal Operations RO-UKHPR1000-0049 RO-UKHPR1000-0049 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0049 closure letter
Selected Spent Fuel Interim Storage Technology ALARP Demonstration RO-UKHPR1000-0050 RO-UKHPR1000-0050 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0050 closure letter
Demonstration of BAT for the Examination, Maintenance, Inspection and Testing (EMIT) of Systems, Structures and Components (SSCs) that provide an Environmental Protection Function (EPF) RO-UKHPR1000-0051 RO-UKHPR1000-0051 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0051 closure letter
Design and Safety Case for Class 1 and 2 Human Machine Interfaces Employed in the Main Control Room and Remote Shutdown Station RO-UKHPR1000-0052 RO-UKHPR1000-0052 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0052 closure letter
Provision of evidence to support bounding case justifications RO-UKHPR1000-0053 RO-UKHPR1000-0053 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0053 closure letter
Validation of Internal Hazard loadings used for Civil Engineering design of non-barrier elements RO-UKHPR1000-0054 RO-UKHPR1000-0054 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0054 closure letter
Consequential internal hazards resulting from seismic events RO-UKHPR1000-0055 RO-UKHPR1000-0055 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0055 closure letter
Fuel Route Safety Case RO-UKHPR1000-0056 RO-UKHPR1000-0056 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0056 closure letter
Independent Confidence Building Measures for complex control and instrumentation systems RO-UKHPR1000-0057 RO-UKHPR1000-0057 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0057 closure letter
Justification of the Structural Integrity Classification of the UK HPR1000 Main Steam Line and Associated Major Valves in the Safeguards Buildings RO-UKHPR1000-0058 RO-UKHPR1000-0058 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0058 closure letter
Evidence of Production Excellence for the FirmSys platform RO-UKHPR1000-0059 RO-UKHPR1000-0059 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-0059 closure letter
Scope and Plan for Radiation Shielding Assessments for the UK HPR1000 Generic Design RO-UKHPR1000-0060 RO-UKHPR1000-0060 res plan RO-UKHPR1000-060 closure letter