Office for Nuclear Regulation

Springfields Fuels Limited


  • Operator/Licensee: Springfields Fuels Limited
  • Parent body organisation:Westinghouse Group of companies under Brookfield
  • Type of site: Operational and partial decommissioning
  • Location: Preston, Lancashire

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Springfields Fuels Limited - Copyright NDA


Springfields licensed site near Preston has provided nuclear fuel fabrication services since the mid-1940s. In 2005, responsibility for the assets and liabilities of the site transferred to the NDA. A new company, Springfields Fuels Ltd (SFL), was created to run the site, managed and operated by Westinghouse Electric UK Ltd on the NDAs behalf. Subsequently, Westinghouse acquired a long term lease for the Springfields site, which transferred responsibility for the commercial fuel manufacturing business and Springfields Fuels Ltd to Westinghouse. The sites activities include the manufacture of oxide fuels for Advanced Gas-cooled and Light Water Reactors, as well as intermediate fuel products, such as powders, granules and pellets, uranium recovery services and decommissioning and demolition of redundant plants and buildings.