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Draft openness and transparency policy consultation

This consultation is now closed.

Update - 30 March, 2023

We are consulting on our policy for openness and transparency with interested stakeholders and the public. The consultation is open to all.

We've sought to be open and transparent in the development of this policy through engagement with our stakeholders, and with our staff and board to ensure it has been informed by their views.

We've also engaged with other domestic and international regulators, the non-government organisation community, and other public bodies to learn from them. And we've considered insight from our annual stakeholder surveys.

The feedback we've received shows we need to provide more clarity on our work, engage with and learn from a more diverse range of stakeholders with a broader range of perspectives, and better anticipate those people who may want to talk to us in the future.

We've listened to this feedback and used it to develop this policy.

Once agreed, this policy will set out the guiding principles we'll apply in our disclosure of information, and in our communications and engagement with interested stakeholders and the public.

It also covers how the policy is being applied now, and our intentions for future excellence, in line with relevant legislation and guidance.

We expect to publish the final version of policy, along with a summary from the consultation, in spring 2023.

Should you require this draft policy document in an alternative format please email