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Security Assessment Principles (SyAPs)

2022 Edition, Version 1

ONR uses the Security Assessment Principles (SyAPs), together with supporting Technical Assessment Guides (TAGs), to guide regulatory judgements and recommendations when undertaking assessments of dutyholders’ security submissions, such as site security plans and transport security statements. Underpinning the requirement for these submissions, and ONR’s role in their approval, are the legal duties placed on organisations subject to the Nuclear Industries Security Regulations (NISR) 2003.

The SyAPs provide the essential foundation for the introduction of outcome focussed regulation for all constituent security disciplines: physical, personnel, transport, and cyber security and information assurance. This regulatory philosophy is aligned with our mature non-prescriptive nuclear safety regime and provides dutyholders with a coherent regulatory approach across the UK civil nuclear industry.

The Security Assessment Principles are supported by a series of Annexes which contain sensitive nuclear information. As the document notes, these annexes have been redacted for publication. Those civil nuclear industry dutyholders who need the annexes should contact

Guide for Smaller Dutyholders to the Application of the Security Assessment Principles - Withdrawn pending review