Office for Nuclear Regulation

Rolls Royce Submarines Limited (RRSL)


  • Operator/Licensee: Rolls Royce Submarines Limited (RRSL)
  • Parent body organisation: Rolls Royce Submarines Limited (RRSL)
  • Type of site: Defence
  • Location: Raynesway, Derby

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Rolls Royce Submarines Limited (RRSL) operates two adjacent sites, Raynesway, Derby Manufacturing and Neptune/RCF Licensed Sites.

Rolls-Royce has been involved in the UK naval programme since its inception in the 1950s and is the design authority for the Royal Navy's naval nuclear plant. Rolls-Royce is the pioneer of one of the most important technological advances in naval propulsion the use of nuclear propulsion for the Royal Navy's submarine flotilla.

In 2007 Rolls-Royce signed an innovative 10-year contract with the UK Ministry of Defence worth 1 billion to help keep Royal Navy submarines at sea. It covers support of nuclear powerplant systems on board the current fleet of 13 Swiftsure, Trafalgar and Vanguard class submarines and new Astute class submarines when they enter service.

Safety support covers the complete plant life cycle from new build and plant life extension to decommissioning, and includes the provision of integrated whole submarine safety. ONR carries out regular inspections throughout, ensuring that that the work is managed safely, minimising any risk.

In June 2012 Rolls-Royce signed a contract with the Ministry of Defence to deliver core reactor cores for the UK's nuclear-powered submarine fleet. This contract includes regeneration of the current Rolls-Royce submarine reactor core manufacturing facility in Derby.

In October 2012, Rolls Royce announced a collaboration agreement with Hitachi Ltd, to support its delivery of new nuclear reactors in the UK.