Office for Nuclear Regulation

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine


  • Operator/Licensee: Imperial College
  • Type of site: Decommissioning
  • Location: Silwood Park, Ascot, London

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Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine


The CONSORT II Research Reactor is located on a secure nuclear licensed site within the Imperial College Silwood Park campus near Ascot in Berkshire. CONSORT is a low power (100kW thermal) research reactor, and first achieved criticality in 1965. It is the last remaining operational civil research reactor in the UK. The licensee, Imperial College, provides further education at degree and postgraduate level.

The reactor was first licensed on 20 December 1962, and was completed by February 1963.

Imperial College reports that decommissioning plans are in an advanced state and that Defueling of all fuel elements should be complete within three years, and eventual delicensing of the site in 2023.