Office for Nuclear Regulation

Sellafield programme

Sellafield site ranks as one of Europe's largest industrial complexes, managing more radioactive waste in one place than any other nuclear facility in the world.

Reducing the hazard and risk on the Sellafield site quickly and safely is both a national priority and ONR's number one regulatory priority, as set out in our Annual Plan 2015/16.

Our regulation of Sellafield covers two well defined areas:

Project delivery

Focuses on priority areas, concentrating efforts on facilities and processes requiring the greatest improvement, with a view to accelerating overall hazard and risk reduction.

Compliance, intelligence and enforcement

Regulates site-wide safety at Sellafield through consistent and targeted application of our regulatory standards.  This ensures that the licensee Sellafield Limited maintains adequate levels of overall site safety whilst hazard and risk reduction work is underway at a number of key facilities.