Office for Nuclear Regulation

ONR's strategy for regulating Sellafield

ONR introduced a new and innovative regulatory strategy to help drive improvements at Sellafield, aiming to facilitate and encourage hazard and risk remediation whilst maintaining adequate safety standards.

Whilst ultimate responsibility for hazard and risk reduction rests with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and Sellafield Ltd, ONR's strategy seeks to identify a number of key barriers to successful delivery of hazard and risk reduction, and the regulatory activities that we intend to take to help tackle them.

The strategy identifies three key outcomes, against which we will measure our success:

These outcomes are supported by eight improvement themes:

Six organisations - One goal

Recognising that there are several stakeholders with an interest in accelerating hazard and risk reduction on the site, a new working group has been established. The group, informally known as the 'G6', will facilitate a coordinated approach to complex issues, where input may be required from a broad range of decision makers.  The group incorporates six key organisations: BEIS, NDA, Sellafield Limited, Environment Agency, UK Government Investments (UKGI) and ONR.  All members work through a constructive approach towards the common objective of facilitating hazard reduction, for example by enhancing opportunities or removing barriers to progress.