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Fukushima reports and associated news as well as information about 'Stress Tests' carried out in the wake of events at Fukushima.

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Intervention Records (IRs) are documents that explain what ONR has done on the sites we regulate when we make inspection visits.

They also record our findings and any significant actions we require the site operator to carry out in order to improve matters if appropriate.

The Office for Nuclear Regulation aims to be open and transparent and as part of this, we want to help all of our stakeholders, including the public, understand our work and engage with us about it.


Date Site / Nuclear site licence number / company / document description Report title Related reports
05/2015 N/A Use of UK Climate Projections 2018 (UKCP18) by GB nuclear industry (Rev 1, May 2020) None
07/2020 AR-19-089 Nuclear Decommissioning Authority – Implementation of ‘One NDA’ Handbook. Preliminary Intervention Findings None
09/2018 AWE ONR review of the development of the AWE Structured Improvement Programme None
2018 revision Computer software Licensing of safety critical software for nuclear reactors
Common position of international nuclear regulators and authorised technical support organisations
07/2021 ENSREG ENSREG Topical Peer Review on Ageing Management - Status of Actions from the UK National Action Plan None
12/2017 ENSREG ENSREG Topical Peer Review on Ageing Management - United Kingdom National Assessment Report None
05/2015 N/A Chief Nuclear Inspector's Technical Advisory Panel on accidental aircraft crash hazard assessment None
06/2011 British Nuclear Fuels Ltd
The storage of high level liquid waste at BNFL Sellafield (Jul 2011)
HSE has published a series of reports on the key safety issues associated with Highly Active Liquor (HAL) storage and our regulatory approach to these.
06/2011 Magnox Ltd
Delicensing of a part of the Oldbury Power Station Nuclear Licensed Site   
This paper reports recent work undertaken by the licensee, Magnox Limited and the regulatory oversight work undertaken by the Office for Nuclear Regulation to delicense, and the Environment Agency to partially surrender the permit for part of the nuclear licensed site at the twin Magnox Reactor Power Station at Oldbury in Gloucestershire. The full PAR is available.
PAR - Request for a Variation to the Oldbury Nuclear Site Licence No. 57A under Section 3.6 of the Nuclear Installations Act 1965 (as amended)
12/2009 J value report Review of the J-value literature Final report  None
1992 revision N/A The tolerability of risk from nuclear power stations None