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Technical Inspection Guides (TIGs) - Nuclear safety (full list)

The purpose of the technical inspection guides is to facilitate a consistent approach to ONR's site Licence Condition compliance inspection by providing guidance to inspectors on what Licencee's arrangements should include to meet the requirements of the Licence Conditions. Although it is not their primary purpose, the technical inspection guides therefore also provide information for Licencees on ONR's expectations of the nature and content of their own arrangements.


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NOTE: ONR operates a robust governance process for the review, and update as appropriate, of our regulatory standards and guidance. As a regulator, we are involved in the management of a range of relevant international standards and guidance, including International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Safety Standards and Security Guidance, and the Western European Nuclear Regulators Association (WENRA) Safety Reference Levels (SRL). We ensure that all relevant expectations are reflected in the appropriate ONR internal guidance once those international documents are formally published.

In some cases, our guidance documents are updated in advance of the stated formal review date (because of a significant change in relevant good practice, updated international standards or guidance, or amendments to UK legislation). In other instances, where we have judged that there have been no changes that would materially affect our guidance and it therefore remains appropriate to continue use of the existing version, then the formal review date may be passed. 

Where published documents have passed their formal review date, we confirm that there are no significant changes in relevant good practice, modifications to international standards or guidance, or amendments to UK legislation that might significantly alter the content of that internal guidance. Consequently, this has no impact on our robust regulation and our inspectors continue to hold the industry account against the high standards required under UK law.

Any documents that have passed their review date remain subject to our review processes, as stated on our website, and the review dates will be updated in due course.

Document ID Review date Title
Nuclear safety
NS-INSP-GD-002 (Rev 2) July 2024 LC2 - Marking of the Site Boundary
NS-INSP-GD-003 (Issue 1.1) July 2027 LC3 - Control of Property Transactions
NS-INSP-GD-004 (Issue 4.2) February 2028 LC4 - Restrictions on nuclear matter on the site
NS-INSP-GD-005 (Issue 5.3) February 2028 LC5 - Consignment of nuclear matter
NS-INSP-GD-006 (Issue 5) August 2026 LC6 - Documents, Records, Authorities and Certificates
NS-INSP-GD-007 (Issue 6.1) July 2025 LC7 - Incidents on the Site
NS-INSP-GD-008 (Issue 6.2) March 2027 LC8 - Warning Notices
NS-INSP-GD-009 (Issue 7) March 2027 LC9 - Instructions to Persons on Site
NS-INSP-GD-010 (Issue 4) December 2025 LC10 - Training
NS-INSP-GD-011 (Issue 7.1) August 2025 LC11 - On-site Emergency Arrangements
NS-INSP-GD-012 (Issue 4) December 2025 LC12 - Duly authorised and other suitably qualified and experienced persons
NS-INSP-GD-013 (Rev 6) July 2024 LC13 - Nuclear Safety Committee
NS-INSP-GD-014 (Rev 5) July 2024 LC14 - Safety documentation
NS-INSP-GD-015 (Rev 5) July 2024 LC15 - Periodic review
NS-INSP-GD-016 (Issue 6) September 2026 LC16 - Site Plans, Designs and Specifications
NS-INSP-GD-017 (Issue 8.1) July 2027 LC17 - Management Systems
NS-INSP-GD-018 (Issue 7) December 2026 LC18 - Radiological Protection
NS-INSP-GD-019 (Issue 7.1) November 2026 LC19 - Construction or Installation of New Plant
NS-INSP-GD-020 (Issue 7.1) November 2026 LC20 - Modification to Design of Plant Under Construction
NS-INSP-GD-021 (Issue 7.1) November 2026 LC21 - Commissioning
NS-INSP-GD-022 (Issue 7) January 2027 LC22 - Modification or experiment on existing plant
NS-INSP-GD-023 (Issue 6.3) May 2024 LC23 - Operating Rules
NS-INSP-GD-024 (Issue 6.2) May 2024 LC24 - Operating Instructions
NS-INSP-GD-025 (Issue 7.2) July 2025 LC25 - Operating Records
NS-INSP-GD-026 (Rev 6) September 2024 LC26 - Control and Supervision of Operations
NS-INSP-GD-027 (Rev 6) December 2024 LC27 - Safety Mechanisms, Devices and Circuits
NS-INSP-GD-028 (Issue 8.4) March 2024 LC28 - Examination, Inspection Maintenance and Testing (EIMT)
NS-INSP-GD-029 (Issue 6) October 2028 LC29 - Duty to Carry out Tests, Inspections and Examinations
NS-INSP-GD-030 (Rev 6) June 2024 LC30 - Periodic Shutdown
NS-INSP-GD-031 - Withdrawn
NS-INSP-GD-032 (Rev 7) April 2024 LC32 - Accumulation of Radioactive Waste
NS-INSP-GD-033 (Rev 6) April 2024 LC33 - Disposal of Radioactive Waste
NS-INSP-GD-034 (Rev 6) April 2024 LC34 - Leakage and Escape of Radioactive Material and Radioactive Waste
NS-INSP-GD-035 (Issue 7) March 2026 LC35 - Decommissioning
NS-INSP-GD-036 (Issue 1) March 2026 LC36 - Organisational Capability
NS-INSP-GD-051 (Issue 9) August 2025 Dealing with Matters of Evident Concern and Potential Major Concern
NS-INSP-GD-053 (Issue 7) August 2028 Criticality Safety
NS-INSP-GD-053 – Annex 1 (Issue 1) August 2028 Guidance on Conducting Criticality Safety-focused Inspections
NS-INSP-GD-054 (Issue 9) September 2027 The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017
NS-INSP-GD-056 (Rev 5.1) April 2024 Regulation of GB's Defence Nuclear Programme
NS-INSP-GD-057 - Withdrawn - The guidance contained within this document has now been incorporated within NS-INSP-GD-056
NS-INSP-GD-058 (Rev 4) April 2025 Licensed Site Annual Review Meetings
ONR-INSP-GD-059 (Issue 8.2) October 2025 Guidance for Inspection Strategy Planning and Reporting
ONR-INSP-GD-064 (Issue 5.5) October 2025 General Inspection Guide
NS-INSP-GD-066 (Rev 4) April 2025 The Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009 - Plan in Writing: Emergency arrangements
NS-INSP-GD-067 (Issue 1.1) - Withdrawn
NS-INSP-GD-068 (Issue 3) June 2026 The Carriage of Dangerous Goods and use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009 – Radiation and Contamination Monitoring , and Determination of Transport Index
NS-INSP-GD-069 (Issue 2) November 2028 Compliance Inspection of Transport Arrangements
NS-INSP-GD-070 (Rev 2) December 2024 Safety Culture Guide for Inspectors
ONR-INSP-GD-071 (Issue 1.1) November 2025 Guidance to support the MoU between ONR and HSE on effective regulation of IRR17 in relation to the transport of radioactive material
NS-INSP-GD-072 (Rev 1) June 2024 The Carriage of Dangerous Goods and use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009 – Inspection of Transport Security Requirements
NS-INSP-GD-073 (Issue 2) March 2026 The regulation of Life Fire Safety on nuclear licensed sites
NS-INSP-GD-074 (Issue 2) November 2024 Construction (Design and Management) Regulations
NS-INSP-GD-075 (Issue 1) March 2025 Transport Inspection Type A packaging – demonstration of compliance of package design