Office for Nuclear Regulation

ONR Committees

The Board will maintain four standing committees. Terms of reference for these committees can be found in the annexes of the ONR's Corporate Governance document.

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee (ARAC)

The ARAC Committee is responsible for ensuring the maintenance of appropriate and adequate audit processes, and for the governance of the internal and external audit programmes. On behalf of the ONR Board, the Committee has oversight of ONR's risk management processes.

The Committee is chaired by a Non-Executive Board Member.

Sarah Smart was appointed as an independent member of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee on 1 July 2023.

Remuneration and Resilience Committee

The Committee has oversight over all matters relating to the remuneration and performance of Executive Board Members and the framework for Senior Civil Servant (SCS) equivalent staff.

The Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board and the Sponsorship Team (for Ministerial decisions) on the appointment of the Chief Executive and Chief Nuclear Inspector.

The Committee will take a strategic approach to succession planning for the Board and have an oversight of the approach for the wider organisation.

The Committee is chaired by a Non-Executive Board Member.

Security Committee

The Security Committee is responsible for examining the ONR Annual Review of Security Report to provide assurance to the Board that ONR is providing efficient and effective regulation of the nuclear industry with respect to risk and malicious intent, holding it to account on behalf of the public.

The Committee is chaired by a Non-Executive Board Member.