Office for Nuclear Regulation

ONR Board meetings in 2020

ONR is committed to openness and transparency in its work and the ONR Board will publish the papers for, and minutes of, its meetings on the ONR website normally within six weeks of the meeting date to which they refer. ie. after the minutes have been approved at the next Board meeting. Information will only be withheld where it relates to exemptions provided for under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Published Board minutes and papers will indicate where such exemptions have been applied.

Minutes Papers and related documents
29 September 2020
ONR Board minutes - 29/09/2020  
29 July 2020
ONR Board minutes - 29/07/2020  
10 June 2020
ONR Board minutes - 10/06/2020  
28 April 2020
ONR Board minutes - 28/04/2020  
25 March 2020
ONR Board minutes - 25/03/2020  
29 January 2020
ONR Board minutes - 29/01/2020  

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