Office for Nuclear Regulation

Quarterly Local Liaison Committee (LLC) / Site Stakeholder Group (SSG) Reports for 2021

Installation January to March April to June July to September October to December
AWE Aldermaston & Burghfield AWE Q1   AWE Q3 AWE Q4
BAE Systems Marine Limited Devonshire Dock Complex, Barrow-in-Furness BAE Systems Marine Limited Q1-2 BAE Systems Marine Limited Q3-4
Berkeley Berkeley Q1 Berkeley Q2 Berkeley Q3 Berkeley Q4
Bradwell N/A N/A N/A N/A
Capenhurst (Urenco UK Limited) Urenco UK Ltd Q1 Urenco UK Ltd Q2 Urenco UK Ltd Q3 Urenco UK Ltd Q4
Chapelcross Chapelcross Q1 Chapelcross Q2 Chapelcross Q3 Chapelcross Q4
Clyde Clyde Q1-2 Clyde Q3-4
Cyclife UK Limited (formerly Studsvik) Cyclife UK Limited Q4-1 Cyclife UK Limited Q2-3 N/A
Devonport Devonport Q1-2 Devonport Q3-4
Dounreay Dounreay Q1 Dounreay Q2 Dounreay Q3 Dounreay Q4
Dungeness A Dungeness A Q1 Dungeness A Q2 Dungeness A Q3 Dungeness A Q4
Dungeness B Dungeness B Q1 Dungeness B Q2 Dungeness B Q3 Dungeness B Q4
GE Healthcare, Amersham GE Healthcare, Amersham Q4-3  
Hartlepool Hartlepool Q1 Hartlepool Q2 Hartlepool Q3 Hartlepool Q4
Harwell Harwell Q1-2 Harwell Q3-4
Heysham 1 and 2 Heysham Q1 Heysham Q2 Heysham Q3 Heysham Q4
Hinkley Point A Hinkley Point A Q1 Hinkley Point A Q2 Hinkley Point A Q3 Hinkley Point A Q4
Hinkley Point B Hinkley Point B Q1 Hinkley Point B Q2 Hinkley Point B Q3  
Hinkley Point C Hinkley Point C Q1 Hinkley Point C Q2 Hinkley Point C Q3 Hinkley Point C Q4
Hunterston A Hunterston A Q1 Hunterston A Q2 Hunterston A Q3 Hunterston A Q4
Hunterston B Hunterston B Q1 Hunterston B Q2 Hunterston B Q3 Hunterston B Q4
Imperial College N/A N/A N/A  
LLWR (Low Level Waste Repository) Drigg LLWR Q4-1 LLWR Q2-3 N/A
Oldbury Oldbury Q1 Oldbury Q2 Oldbury Q3 Oldbury Q4
Rolls-Royce Submarines Ltd, Derby RRSL Q1-2 RRSL Q3-4
Rosyth Royal Dockyard Limited and Rosyth Royal Dockyard Rosyth Q1-2 Rosyth Q3-4
Sellafield, Windscale and Calderhall (West Cumbria Sites Stakeholder Group) WCSSG Q4-1 WCSSG Q2-3  
Sizewell A Sizewell A Q1 Sizewell A Q2 Sizewell A Q3 Sizewell A Q4
Sizewell B Sizewell B Q1 Sizewell B Q2 Sizewell B Q3 Sizewell B Q4
Springfields Fuels Limited Springfields Q1 Springfields Q2 Springfields Q3 Springfields Q4
Torness Torness Q1 Torness Q2 Torness Q3 Torness Q4
Trawsfynydd Trawsfynydd Q4-1
Trawsfynydd Q4-1 (Cymraeg)
Trawsfynydd Q2-3
Trawsfynydd Q2-3 (Cymraeg)
Vulcan Vulcan Q1-2 Vulcan Q3-4
Winfrith Winfrith Q1-2 Winfrith Q3-4
Wylfa Wylfa Q1-2
Wylfa Q1-2 (Cymraeg)
Wylfa Q3-4
Wylfa Q3-4 (Cymraeg)