Office for Nuclear Regulation

Nuclear Security Inspector

The Office for Nuclear Regulation regulates security at civil nuclear licensed sites, including the control of sensitive nuclear information. It also  approves security arrangements for the transportation of nuclear material, assesses the the honesty, integrity and values of personnel involved in all aspects of the civil nuclear industry and helps to raise international nuclear security standards.

Nuclear Security Inspectors are expected to be capable of undertaking a variety of roles:

A Nuclear Security Inspector is likely to undertake a range of duties during their career ranging from undertaking planned and reactive inspections on site to assessment of security submissions or managing discrete intervention projects focussing on ensuring compliance, reassuring the public and improving security standards. When inspectors find shortcomings in compliance their goal is to influence dutyholders to ensure they address any gaps, which might initially be through provision of advice but may also be through issuing verbal and written warnings. Should it prove necessary, inspectors have legislative powers enabling them to serve security directions and ultimately initiate prosecutions if appropriate.


A full driving licence that permits you to drive in the UK. However, ONR is willing to consider any proposals put forward by disabled applicants that would allow them to do the job by any other means

Our inspectors come from a variety of backgrounds, but all demonstrate calm and poise when working under pressure in one of the most demanding jobs in the public sector.

As a newly appointed nuclear inspector, you will undertake a programme of training designed to introduce you to both your work and that of others. As a new recruit you will be expected to spend a significant period of time at ONR's Bootle office to undertake training and establishing professional networks. Attendance at appropriate discipline conferences and training events will also be included.

ONR offers a comprehensive training and development programme to new recruits coming into the organisation. Specifically, this focuses on providing new recruits with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they will need to undertake their roles in a nuclear regulatory capacity. This is a necessary complement to the technical skills which new recruits will bring with them into ONR. New Nuclear Security Inspectors will receive a Limited Warrant on entry to ONR and will follow a defined training programme during their first year to achieve Full Warrant status. Training will continue as new recruits progress through the organisation, to allow staff to progress and develop their careers, and to undertake the variety of regulatory roles which ONR offers.

Throughout your career, support is provided by ONR for any studying required in connection with your work and agreed professional development.

This role covers the following areas:

How to apply

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