Office for Nuclear Regulation


The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) will recoup its costs via a £25 charge per registration and consent certificate issued. This will work as follows:

This charging framework is identical to that used by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Employers should be aware that the ONR and HSE recoup costs independently. Therefore, employers will be charged twice for any practice that requires registration or consent from both the ONR and HSE.

For operators of nuclear premises the charge will be recovered through the current ONR fee recovery mechanism.

For others (such as contractors) who are applying for registration and consent(s) to undertake practices on nuclear premises, ONR will issue a registration certificate or consent(s) on application. This will be on the basis that payment is made by the applying employer via bank transfer within 30 days of the issue date of the registration certificate or consent(s).

ONR will provide payment account details on the issuing of the registration certificate and or consent(s).

Failure for the applying employer to make payment within 30 days will result in ONR formally revoking the registration certificate under Regulation 6(5), and or consent(s) under Regulation 7(4) in writing.

If the applying employer continued to undertake those practices detailed within their registration certificate or consent(s) on nuclear premises after formal revocation of the registration certificate or consent(s) they would be doing so in contravention of Regulation 6(3), and or Regulation 7(2) of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017.