Office for Nuclear Regulation

Inspections carried out by ONR from 2018

Date released
19 January 2022
Request number


Release of information under
Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA)

Information requested

I would like to request a list of all inspections carried out by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) from 1 January 2018 onwards.

For each list entry I would like to know:

-The date of the inspection

-The site that was inspected

-What type of inspection it was (licence condition inspection, inspection from security and safeguard team, a transport-focussed inspection, radiological / conventional health and safety)

I would like the information to be supplied to me in Excel format.

Information released

We confirm that under Section 1 of the FOIA, we hold the information relevant to your request. However, some of this information can be found within the relevant Quarterly Local Liaison Committee (LLC) / Site Stakeholder Group (SSG) Reports available on our website. The dates and numbers of inspections during the reporting period are set out on page 3 in each report. The Executive Summaries of all ONR safety inspection reports are also available through our website.

These reports therefore fall within Section 21 of the FOIA: information reasonably accessible to the applicant by other means (ICO Guidance). This is an absolute exemption so does not require the public interest test.

In addition, for information not already published on our website, please see attached two excel documents detailing the intervention records for security and safeguards inspections. Please note the safeguards information provided is from March 2021 when we commenced safeguards inspections.

Exemptions applied

Section 21

PIT (Public Interest Test) if applicable