Office for Nuclear Regulation

Feb 2021 External Hazards Panel meeting

Date released
26 October 2021
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Release of information under
Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004

Information requested

Can we see the Environment Agencies response to the papers as described in page 3 of the minutes of the Feb 2021 External Hazards Panel meeting?

Is there a response from the ONR to the output contained in the information provided by the Expert Panel. If so can we have sight of that too.

Information released

Please find attached the Environment Agency’s comments dated 16 March 2021.

We have withheld the names and contact details of staff recorded in the email exchange as we consider this information relates to the personal data of specific individuals working at ONR and the Environment Agency who are not public facing and would not expect their details to be made public. Disclosure of this information would be in breach of the Data Protection Principle and, as such, is exempt from disclosure under Regulation 13(1) of the EIRs.

ONR’s response to the output contained in the information provided by the Expert Panel

Our response forms the update to the annexes for Meteorological Hazards (Annex 2) and Coastal Flood Hazards (Annex 3). We are currently inviting comments via our website and will consider any feedback before we commence the update, scheduled for publication by October 2023.

Exemptions applied

Reg. 13(1)

PIT (Public Interest Test) if applicable