Office for Nuclear Regulation

Combination in search terms in records

Date released
18 August 2021
Request number


Release of information under
Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA)

Information requested

I would like to request the following information using the FOI Act:

All records from 01/01/2021 until the present containing the following:

ANY SINGLE TERM USAGE OR COMBINATION OF “UAP Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”, “UFO Unidentified Flying Object(s)”, “UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(s)”, “UAS Unmanned Aircraft System(s)” and “Drone(s)”


Information released

ONR uses a document management system called CM9 to store all its electronic records. Any information relevant to the request is saved in CM9.

There have been in excess of 57,800 documents saved since 1 January 2021. Due to CM9 limitations, the electronic search function applies to record titles only, not record content. Therefore, to identify any records relevant to your request, it would require the individual retrieval of each of the 57,800 documents for a content search to then be undertaken.

We are therefore refusing your request as to comply would likely involve a cost exceeding the £600 limit set by the government in Section 12 of the FOIA.

We understand this may be disappointing and have suggested below what can be provided within the limit.

Under our duty to provide advice and assistance as set out in Section 16 of the FOIA, you may wish to refine your request to apply only to the document titles of our records.

More information about Section 12 of the FOIA and requests where the cost of compliance exceeds the appropriate limit can be found in relevant guidance on the Information Commissioner’s Office’s website.

Further information

Should you wish to refine your request to only apply to the titles of our records, please contact us via the email address quoting reference: FOI202107015. Please note that in accordance with Section 1(3) of the FOIA we are not under any further obligation to respond until you have provided the appropriate clarification.

Please note, we have assumed “Actomic” in your request to refer to “atomic”.

If no response is received within two calendar months of the date of this email, the request will be considered closed.

Exemptions applied

Section 12

PIT (Public Interest Test) if applicable