Office for Nuclear Regulation

The number of 'concerns' reported to the ONR

Date released
2 February 2021
Request number
Release of information under
Freedom of Information Act 2000

Information requested

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I would like some information on the following, which relates to this page on your website:

Please could you provide me with:

Please could you provide this data for the last 60 months (5 years) for which the data is available. Please use the most recent month for which you have data available as the latest month. There is no need to separate out by Quarter, unless that is the most granular level for which you have the data internally.

E.g. From this data I would like to ascertain, at the most granular level, for example: In October 2020 there were XX reports made to the ONR regarding [insert reason’ and in October 2017 there were XX reports made to the ONR regarding [insert reason].

To be clear, I do not require any detailed information about the specifics of each and every report.

Information released

I confirm that under Section 1 of the FOIA, we hold the information related to your request. The total number of concerns reported to ONR is published each year in the transparency section of our annual report and accounts. Please see below for further information. For this financial year, the total number includes concerns reported up to 31 December 2020. All concerns reported to ONR are considered.

Financial year Total number of concerns reported to ONR Further information
25 Page 53
36 Page 93
2018/2019 26 Page 97
2019/2020 45 Page 52
2020/2021 33 1 April - 31 December 2020
Month received Number of concerns received by ONR
Jan-16 0
Feb-16 5
Mar-16 1
Apr-16 0
May-16 0
Jun-16 2
Jul-16 1
Aug-16 3
Sep-16 0
Oct-16 0
Nov-16 0
Dec-16 3
Jan-17 2
Feb-17 2
Mar-17 12
Apr-17 4
May-17 3
Jun-17 0
Jul-17 2
Aug-17 1
Sep-17 11
Oct-17 3
Nov-17 2
Dec-17 1
Jan-18 4
Feb-18 2
Mar-18 3
Apr-18 1
May-18 2
Jun-18 0
Jul-18 2
Aug-18 1
Sep-18 3
Oct-18 3
Nov-18 3
Dec-18 2
Jan-19 3
Feb-19 4
Mar-19 2
Apr-19 4
May-19 6
Jun-19 3
Jul-19 2
Aug-19 6
Sep-19 6
Oct-19 3
Nov-19 1
Dec-19 3
Jan-20 1
Feb-20 5
Mar-20 5
Apr-20 7
May-20 2
Jun-20 3
Jul-20 4
Aug-20 1
Sep-20 3
Oct-20 6
Nov-20 5
Dec-20 2

A concern would usually be a result of having been involved in or witnessed an incident, or becoming aware of an issue that has or could affect nuclear safety or security and has the potential to cause, or actually has led to harm to the public. Concerns can be raised by anyone and relate to a wrongdoing in a workplace in relation to a matter that we regulate (nuclear safety, nuclear security, radioactive materials transport, safeguards or health and safety on a nuclear site). When a safety or security risk arises, ONR inspectors take a measured approach and utilise a variety of regulatory tools to deal with it and ensure compliance with the law.

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PIT (Public Interest Test) if applicable