Office for Nuclear Regulation

Wylfa and Oldbury graphite core safety cases

Date released
22 January 2021
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Release of information under
Freedom of Information Act 2000

Information requested

Would it be possible to supply the following four documents?



Information released

I can confirm that under Section 1 of the FOIA we do hold the information requested. Please find attached the four documents requested.

Please note that personal data within the reports has been withheld using the exemption Section 40(2) of the FOIA. In particular, disclosure of the information would breach principle (a) of GDPR (lawfulness, fairness and transparency) on the grounds that there is no lawful basis to process this data. In addition, disclosing this personal data would also breach principle (b) of GDPR (purpose limitation) as the data was provided for the purposes of presentation ownership or circulation.

Exemptions applied

Section 40(2)

PIT (Public Interest Test) if applicable