Office for Nuclear Regulation

Flood risks at Rolls-Royce Raynesway site

Date released
20 March 2020
Request number
Release of information under
Freedom of Information Act 2000

Information requested

Please provide me with copies of the following documents which relate to flood risks at the nuclear licensed sites operated by Rolls-Royce Submarines Ltd at Raynesway, Derby:

Information released

I confirm that under Section 1 of the FOIA, that we hold the information related to your request.

However we are withholding the information under Section 24 of the FOIA (Safeguarding national security; ICO guidance)

Section 24 sets out the exemption from the right to know where the information requested is required for the purposes of safeguarding national security. It works to protect national security, which includes protection of potential targets. It allows a public authority not to disclose information if it considers releasing the information would make the UK or its citizens more vulnerable to a national security threat.

The following types of information relevant to your request and which engage the exemption set out in Section 24 FOIA include:

• Security of Nuclear Material and Facilities;
• Safety Cases and Other Safety or Environmental Information;
• Contingency and Emergency Plans & Exercises.

As this is a qualified exemption, we are required to balance the public interest between disclosure and non-disclosure. We have therefore applied the Public Interest Test, as set out below:

Section 24 FOIA – Safeguarding national security

Factors for release:

Factors against release:


After careful consideration of the factors set out above, ONR has concluded that the information should be withheld. On balance, the interests of national security outweigh the need for openness in terms of the specific information that you have requested. There is a strong public interest in safeguarding national security. Therefore, it is our judgement that publication of the information requested would not be in the public interest.

For information on how we regulate our sites, including consideration of meteorological and flooding hazards, please see our website .

Exemptions applied

Section 1 and 24.

PIT (Public Interest Test) if applicable

Yes, please see above.