Office for Nuclear Regulation

Freedom of Information - Information releases in 2020

Some documents published here may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. To request the document in an alternative format such as braille, audio or a different file type please email quoting your address, telephone number along with the FOI request number.

Following a number of requests for information on incidents, ONR has published a list of events reported to the Nuclear Safety Regulator. This is available via the corporate publications webpage.

FOI releases - 2020

Reference Request
201912054 Provision of Cyber Security Regulatory Support Services to ONR
202011054 Outstanding GDA assessment findings for Hinkley Point C
202011053 FOI request on Chairman meeting with EDF counterpart, June 2020
202011052 FOI referrals to Cabinet Office Clearing House
202011051 Wylfa Nuclear Power Station 2013 Graphite Core safety case
202011050 Board members, Budgets and assets
202011049 Chief Nuclear Inspectors (CNI) Inspection Reports 2017 - 2020
202011048 The minutes of the meeting with GE Hitachi to discuss their BWRX-300 SMR
202011047 Information related to ONR’s Regulatory Assurance Review Report
202010046 EPR Valves
202010045 BEIS-funded Mature Technology evaluation of GE Hitachi's BWRX-300 Small Modular Reactor
202009044 Graphite Assessment Reports
202009043 Sizewell Nuclear Site Boundary
202009042 Regulatory guidance
202009041 IT Systems
202009040 ONR input on RAB (Part A)
202009040 ONR input on RAB (Part B)
202009039 ONR Training spend
202009038 Radiation dosage records
202009037 Information regarding the Cumbrian Mud Patch
202009036 Report on Structural Failure on the Hinkley Point Nuclear Site
202009035 Reports of ill health of radiation workers at Faslane since 2002
202009034 Correspondence regarding the DEPZ and Grazeley Newtown
202009033 Condition of the graphite blocks for each of the AGR’s in the UK
202009032 In relation to FOI202007020 - Report of Sizewell B incident during 2015/16 outage
202009031 Information on ONR and the Nuclear Sector Deal (NSD)
202008030 Mobile and Telephony contracts
202008029 1979 alleged Windscale leakage incident
202008027 Whistleblowers information
202008025 Sightings of drone swarms at nuclear licensed sites
202007024 Extreme Weather Events in the UK and TAG 13 updates
202007023 Transportation of radioactive materials, to and/or from, Loughborough University
202007022 Policy on responding to requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000
202007021 IT / HR information
202007020 Sizewell B 2015/16 outage
202006019 Expert Panel meeting on External Hazards
202006018 Transportation of radioactive materials, to and or from, Loughborough University during the period 1 January 2016 to date
202006017 Topographical Study
202006016 Meteorological and Coastal Flood Hazards Sub-Panel of ONR's Expert Panel on Natural Hazards
202006015 IT Projects and Programmes
202006001 Hinkley Point C (HPC) Silo
202005014 Bradwell B
202005013 Contractor recruitment information
202005012 Sizewell B dry storage facility
202005011 ONR-GDA-AR-11-014 and ONR-OFD-PAR-19-001
202005010 Key Performance Indicators for Sellafield
202004009 Radio and television broadcasts
202004008 Prescribed Persons (Reports on Disclosures of Information) Regulations
202004006 Plutonium
202004005 Procurement
202004003 EDF Internal Nuclear Assurance report into Covid-19 social distancing
202004002 Complaints, SAR's, FOI's and ministerial correspondence received during 2018-19
202004001 IT / tender projects delayed as a result of COVID-19
202003086 NNB-EDF health and safety assurances on COVID-19
202003085 Hinkley Point C concerns remain despite reduced workforce
202003084 TAGS - Inspection guidance
202003083 Unsuccessful bidders in relation to Provision of Cyber Security Regulatory Support Services to ONR
202003082 HR systems
202003081 POWE 74/165 Review and public release AB files
202003080 External Training Contracts
202002078 Information Technology
202002077 Power station reports
202002076 Information Technology
202002075 Flood risks at Rolls-Royce Raynesway site
202002074 Oracle databases
202002073 Stakeholder Group
202002072 AWE Annual Review of Safety and the record of the AWE 'A6' group
202002071 Breeding insects at Sellafield Ltd storage ponds
202002070 ONR Documentation
202002069 Environmental impacts of UK military activities
202002068 ANTs
202002067 AWE investigation
202002066 External Training spend
202002065 External Training Contracts
202002064 ONR Transport stakeholder event
202002063 ONR 2025 Strategy Consultation
202002062 POWE 74/165 Review and public release AB files
202001059 Consultation confirmation EA1N EA2
202001058 Planning consent for Nuclear power Stations
202001057 SMR/ANT minutes
202001056 Provision of Cyber Security Regulatory Support Services to ONR - Supplier Qualification Stage - Successful Tenders
202001055 Documents related to ACR-1000