Office for Nuclear Regulation


We attend and hosts meetings and conferences on a regular basis, with a wide range of stakeholder groups, including the nuclear industry, environmental campaign groups, members of the public and professional groups.

Information about the different stakeholder engagement events we attend and organise are shared regularly in our newsletter.

Additionally, our site inspectors routinely attend community meetings, which are variously referred to as local liaison committees (LLC), site stakeholder groups (SSG) meetings or local community liaison councils (LCLCs). You can find the reports that we submit to these meetings on our quarterly site reports page.


The ONR NGO Forum was established to promote debate and dialogue between ONR and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) who have a specific interest in matters relating to nuclear safety, security, safeguards, and the environment (where matters fall within our regulatory responsibilities).

The Forum meets regularly throughout the year both virtually and face to face and welcomes NGO representatives from across the UK.

If you represent a group and would like to find out more about the Forum and how to get involved, please email