Office for Nuclear Regulation

CNI Inspections

Introduced in 2017, these inspections are designed to examine regulatory matters that are strategic or broader in nature than our more routine regulatory inspection activities. CNI (Chief Nuclear Inspector) inspections differ from more routine ONR inspections in that they are specifically identified and commissioned by the Chief Nuclear Inspector.

CNI Inspections are intended to raise awareness of important issues and highlight our regulatory activities and expectations to a wider audience, in addition to the nuclear industry. They will be delivered on a regular basis – over and above our normal regulatory activities, which include approximately 1,000 inspections each year across licensed nuclear sites and transport dutyholders.

A CNI Inspection will usually involve engagement at a senior level and may involve multiple sites and duty holders, as well as other stakeholders with an interest in the matter being inspected. It may, as in this inspection, include visits and engagements internationally.


Chief Nuclear Inspector’s Inspection of NNB GenCo Ltd.’s Supply Chain Management Arrangements for the Hinkley Point C Project

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