Office for Nuclear Regulation

Board Member expenses - Q2 2020/21

1 July to 30 September 2020

  Mark McAllister
Non-Executive Directors
(5 in total)
and 1 Co-opted Member*
Adriѐnne Kelbie
Chief Executive
Mark Foy
Chief Nuclear Inspector
Sarah High
Finance Director
David Caton
HR Director
Travel N/A


No expenses claimed - see note 4



No expenses claimed - see note 4

Accommodation and Subsistence N/A N/A N/A N/A
Other £196.80 £443.00 £119.90 £207.66
Total £196.80 £443.00 £119.90 £207.66

Individual expenses


  1. Figures relate to expenses incurred during this period, rather than paid.
  2. Figures include both amounts claimed by the individual and amounts paid to third parties for the provision of travel and hotel booking services.
  3. Figures include both taxable and non-taxable payments. All are disclosed as net amounts.
  4. Reduced expense claims can be seen in quarter 2 due to COVID – 19 restrictions.