Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Compliance inspection

Document ID Review date Title
NS-COM-IN-001 (Rev 7) May 2021 Production and distribution of SSG/LCL/LLC reports and attendance at the meetings by ONR inspectors
ONR-OPEX-GD-001 (Rev 5) February 2020 Notifying and reporting incidents and events to ONR
ONR-OPEX-GD-002 (Rev 3) February 2020 The Role of the UK International Nuclear & Radiological Event Scale (INES) National Officer
ONR-OPEX-GD-003 (Rev 3) July 2020 The Role of the UK National Coordinators for International Operating Experience Report Systems
ONR-OPEX-IN-001 (Rev 3) February 2016 Incident notification and reporting process
ONR-OPEX-IN-002 (Rev 3) February 2016 ONR Inspection and Use of Licensee Safety Performance Indicators (SPls)
ONR-EP-IN-001 (Rev 4) July 2016 Emergency arrangements - Maintenance and issue of the emergency procedures handbook
ONR-EP-IN-002 (Rev 8) April 2019 Emergency arrangements - Initial notification and event classification
ONR-EP-IN-003 (Rev 7) April 2019 Emergency arrangements - ONR response to a class 1 (CIVIL) event
ONR-EP-IN-004 (Rev 5) July 2016 Withdrawn
ONR-EP-IN-005 (Rev 6) May 2018 Emergency arrangements - ONR response to a class 2 event
ONR-EP-IN-006 (Rev 4) July 2016 Withdrawn
ONR-EP-IN-007 (Rev 4) July 2016 Withdrawn
ONR-EP-IN-008 (Rev 4) July 2016 Withdrawn
ONR-EP-IN-009 (Rev 5) July 2016 Withdrawn
ONR-INSP-IN-004 (Rev 0) May 2019 The Carriage of Dangerous Goods and use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009 - Inspection of Transport Security Requirements
NS-INSP-IN-001 (Rev 5) July 2020 Start-up meetings
NS-INSP-IN-002 (Rev 3) July 2020 Resolving differences of professional opinion in ONR
NS-INSP-GD-058 (Rev 3) July 2020 Site review meetings
INS/FWD - Withdrawn
INS/003 - Withdrawn
INS/030 - Withdrawn
INS/032 - Withdrawn
INF1 - ONR Incident Notification Form
G/INS/008 - Withdrawn