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Project Assessment Reports (PARs)

Project assessment reports (PARs) are documents which explainour regulatory decisions. The Office for Nuclear Regulation aims to be open and transparent in its work as far as possible and as part of this, we wish to help all of our stakeholders, including the public, to understand our work and engage with us about it. In April 2010, we published executive summaries forPARs for the first time and from April 2011, we have started to publish fullPARs with an ambition to publish all of our project assessment reports online within six months.

Some terminology used in the nuclear industry is unfamiliar to those outside of it, so we aim to write executive summaries for the reports in plain English.

We always appreciate your feedback on these reports, how we can improve them, or questions you might have.

Earlier PARs

PARs issued in 2014

Bradwell [Nuclear site licence 93]

LI no. Issued Title
N/A Q2/2014 ONR’s Determination of a Revision to the Extent of the Local Authority Off-Site Emergency Planning Area and the Operator’s Prior Information Area as Provided for under Regulations 9 and 16 of the Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations 2001

ONR letter to Magnox Ltd - Bradwell off-site emergency planning and prior information area

ONR letter to Essex County Council - Bradwell off-site emergency planning and prior information area

Devonport [Nuclear site licence 50B]

LI no. Issued Title
554 & 544 Q1/2014 Application for Approval of Amended or Altered DRDL Nuclear Safety Committee Terms of Reference and the Arrangements for Considering Urgent Nuclear and Radiological Safety Proposals under Arrangements made under Licence Condition13(3) and (12)
513 Q2/2014 Request for Agreement to commence Artful Hold Point Phase 6

Dungeness B [Nuclear site licence 61]

LI no. Issued Title
544 Q1/2014 Agreement to Replacement of Reactor Coolant Pressure Rate Trip Equipment
543 Q2/2014 Consent under Licence Condition 30(3) to start-up Reactor 21 Following the 2014 Periodic Shutdown
542 Q1/2014 NP/SC 7373 DPS Replacement Project Stage Submission 5 Part 1 - Commissioning

Harwell [Nuclear site licence 84]

LI no. Issued Title
506 Q1/2014 Assessment of Proposal by Research Sites Restoration Limited for Transition to a New Parent Body Organisation

Hinkley Point C reports

LI no. Issued Title
503 Q1/2014 Approval of NNB Generation Company Limited (NNB GenCo) arrangements for Urgent Safety Proposals, described in Appendix A of the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Safety Committee Terms of Reference NNB-OSL-TOR-000003, dated 13 December 2012

Hunterston B [Nuclear site licence 13]

LI no. Issued Title
541 Q1/2014 Request for Approval under Licence Condition 23[5] of amendment to Nuclear Safety Requirements at Hunterston B Power Station

Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR) [Nuclear site licence 82]

LI no. Issued Title
N/A Q1/2014 LLW Operations PSR

Magnox sites (Berkeley, Bradwell, Chapelcross, Dungeness A, Hinkley Point A, Hunterston A, Oldbury, Sizewell A, Trawsfynydd and Wylfa)

LI no. Issued Title
Various Q1/2014 Assessment of Proposal by Magnox Limited for Transition to a New Parent Body Organisation
Asesiad o Gynnig gan Magnox Limited ar gyfer Trosiad i Sefydliad Corff Rhiant Newydd

Sizewell A [Nuclear site licence 96] & Sizewell B [Nuclear site licence 63]

LI no. Issued Title
N/A Q1/2014 Sizewell REPPIR offsite emergency planning area
N/A Q1/2014 Letter to Suffolk County Council
N/A Q1/2014 Letter to the operstors - EDF Energy and Magnox Ltd
533 Q1/2014 Storage Submission 2 - Commencement of Construction Dry Fuel Store Building

Winfrith [Nuclear site licence 58A]

LI no. Issued Title
517 Q1/2014 Assessment of Proposal by Research Sites Restoration Limited for Transition to a New Parent Body Organisation

Torness [Nuclear site licence 14]

LI no. Issued Title
535 Q1/2014 EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited (NGL) - Torness Power Station - Consent under Licence Condition 30 (3) to start-up Reactor 1 following the 2014 periodic shutdown

Wylfa [Nuclear site licence 85]

LI no. Issued Title
561 Q1/2014 ONR Approval under LC23(5) – Approval of an Amendment to Operating Rule 5.6
Cymeradwyaeth ONR dan LC23(5) – Cymeradwyo Diwygiad i Weithredu Rheol 5.6
558 Q1/2014 Licensee's Review of FE8/CGO Temperature Trip Margins - and their Proposal to Amend the Operating Rules and Reference Station Operating Instructions
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