Office for Nuclear Regulation & Environment Agency

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Regulatory Observations and Resolution Plans

On this page you will find detail of each Regulatory Observation and the associated Resolution Plan.

Regulatory Observation title RO ref. RO res plan ref. Closure letter
Diverse Actuation System Design Shortfalls RO-UKHPR1000-0001 RO-UKHPR1000-0001 res plan  
Demonstration that the UK HPR1000 Design is Suitably Aligned with the Generic Site Envelope RO-UKHPR1000-0002 RO-UKHPR1000-0002 res plan  
Suitable and Sufficient Severe Accident Analysis Safety Case RO-UKHPR1000-0003 RO-UKHPR1000-0003 res plan  
Development of a Suitable and Sufficient Safety Case RO-UKHPR1000-0004 RO-UKHPR1000-0004 res plan  
Demonstration that the UK HPR1000 Design reduces the risks associated with radioactive waste management, so far as is reasonably practicable RO-UKHPR1000-0005 RO-UKHPR1000-0005 res plan