Office for Nuclear Regulation

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TAGS - Inspection guidance

Date released
02 April 2020
Request number
Release of information under
Freedom of Information Act 2000

Information requested

1) Why have 5 TAGs been withdrawn, as per ONR Website?

2) Quality Assurance/Quality Control - What ONR Procedure is used to up Date Technical Guides? e.g. Staff Grade for Approving, writing or reviewing a document, Subject Experience for Approving a Guide e.g. 10 years ; Professional Qualifications for Approving/Checking e.g. CEng ; Record of Checking Document e.g. Copy of original document ; Setting of Review Date e.g. 3 years ; Extension of Document Past Original Review Date.

3) Why have 4 Inspection Compliance Guides past their review date, as per ONR Website?

Information released

Question 1:

With regards to documents referenced:

These are all documents which have been withdrawn pending review and revision. These documents are particularly complex and require considerable effort across multiple technical disciplines to update in a coherent manner. Furthermore, the production of regulatory standards and guides has to be prioritised against ONR’s wide range of regulatory activities. Nevertheless, the delay in updating these documents has been recognised, and they are treated with special attention in the Regulatory and Technical Standards monitoring regime, with updates on progress being provided monthly to the ONR Technical Division Board meeting. Replacements for all four of these documents are planned to be issued in the first half of this calendar year.

With regards to documents referenced NS-TAST-GD-093, this document was also withdrawn pending review and revision. It has, however, now been revised and is currently awaiting approval by ONR’s Technical Division Board meeting.

Question 2:

Thank you for highlighting a small number of errors in relation to NS-TAST-GD-005 Rev. 10 and NS-PER-IN-001. These matters are being corrected.

The procedures used to update Technical Guides are provided in ONR’s Management System, known as How2. The relevant process maps are provided with this response.

Question 3:

The operational guidance listed is up-to-date at point of use, but thank you for pointing out that older versions still exist on the ONR website. A change request has now been raised to update the relevant pages on the ONR website.

Due to on-going work which amends the EP&R document hierarchy, document ONR-EP-IN-001 (Maintenance of the Emergency Procedures Handbook) is now obsolete and will be permanently withdrawn from the ONR website.

Documents ONR-EP-IN-002 (Initial Notification and Event Classification); ONR-EP-IN- 003 (Response to a class 1 event); and ONR-EP-IN-005 (Response to a class 2 event) are instructions for ONR staff covering emergency arrangements and have been maintained up-to-date at the appropriate points of use. The relevant content of these documents will be extracted from current guidance; updated as necessary; and re-published as appendices to new guidance, which will also be published on the ONR website, in due course.

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