Office for Nuclear Regulation

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Business Impact Target (BIT)

List of ONR qualifying regulatory provisions submitted to the Regulatory Policy Committee

The BIT requires changes to policy or guidance, including withdrawal or development of new guidance (referred to as measures) to be assessed for their impact on business by the Government’s independent body the Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC). ONR measures submitted to the RPC, their impact assessment and RPC rating is listed in the table.

Measure Date measure implemented BIT Score / Value (£) RPC rating Date of RPC rating

April 2017

0 Validated - RPC-3625(1)-DECC-ONR 17 March 2017
November 2016 0 Validated - RPC-3584(1)-DECC-ONR 19 January 2017
September 2016 0 Validated - RPC-3586(1)-DECC-ONR 19 January 2017
June 2016 0 Validated 28 October 2016
January 2016 0 Validated - RPC-3585(1)-DECC-ONR 19 January 2017
November 2015 0 Validated - RPC-3587(1)-DECC-ONR 19 January 2017