Office for Nuclear Regulation

Chief Nuclear Inspector's Technical Advisory Panel on accidental aircraft crash hazard assessment

ONR routinely seeks advice from technical experts to support its own in-house expertise in undertaking nuclear regulatory activities. From time to time a technical issue arises where it is considered advantageous to take advice from a broad range of relevant expertise. ONR remains responsible for regulatory decisions, however it takes due cognisance of advice provided.

In July 2012 the then Chief Nuclear Inspector took a decision to convene a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) on the topic of accidental aircraft crash hazard assessment.   He considered that whilst there was confidence in existing methodologies, there would be value in exploring potential improvements to the methods for calculating accidental aircraft crash frequency. The TAP was convened in order for its members to provide independent, objective, authoritative, professional scientific and technical advice to the Chief Nuclear Inspector in the area of accidental aircraft crash hazard assessment.

Terms of reference

The technical advisory panel's terms of reference are set out in the following document:


Meeting minutes