Office for Nuclear Regulation

RNIP interactions and feedback

Dutyholders and regulators will each gather feedback on their own and the other partys compliance with the desired ways of working after formal meetings and in respect of important projects, which are agreed between dutyholder and regulator on a case-by-case basis.

Importantly the feedback is not just about the behaviours at the meeting, but rather should reflect on all the relevant interactions about ongoing work. A meeting is just a convenient opportunity to reflect jointly on how things are going and, where necessary, to agree actions to resolve any difficulties or address differing perspectives.

Whilst feedback should be acted on at the time, overview reports are prepared and shared at the six-monthly liaison meetings between SDF/ONR/DNSR, in order to ensure lessons are being learnt and wider opportunities for continuous improvement are taken - including on the detailed arrangements for RNIP.

The first review was completed in October 2008 and all agreed the process of jointly reviewing each others performance has proved to be very beneficial, as has the investment in agreeing objectives in advance. The second review took place in April 2009 and confirmed that RNIP is continuing to add value and is being used on a wider range of occasions.

These six-monthly meetings have also been introduced in order to allow opportunities for strategic dialogue across the nuclear sector, including on key issues affecting the whole nuclear industry.

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