Office for Nuclear Regulation

HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate

Quarterly statement of nuclear incidents at nuclear installations

A statement on incidents at nuclear installations in Britain which meet Ministerial reporting criteria is reported to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and the Secretary of State for Scotland and is published every quarter by the Health and Safety Executive.

For the period 1 January 2007 to 31 March 2007 there was one incident at a nuclear licensed installation that met the reporting criteria.


On 10th January 2007 a contamination event occurred within the Sellafield Mixed Oxide fuel fabrication plant (SMP) involving five workers. Biological sampling initiated by the licensee, British Nuclear Group Sellafield Ltd (BNGSL) has confirmed that the doses received by the workers were all less than the annual limit for intake. BNGSL initiated a Board of Inquiry that will report its finding during the next quarter. HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate has undertaken its own investigation into the event and the analysis of this will be completed during the next quarter.

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