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Environment Agency consultation on UK HPR1000 design

5 April

The Environment Agency’s consultation on its preliminary conclusions following its detailed assessment of the environmental aspects of the UK HPR1000 new nuclear power station design is now closed.

The 12-week consultation ran from 11 January 2021 until 4 April 2021.

The Environment Agency will publish a document containing all responses made to the consultation in May 2021.

It will carefully consider all the responses and complete the detailed assessment. It will then summarise the responses to the consultation, issues raised and its views on those issues in a decision document.

The Environment Agency aims to publish its final conclusions, alongside the ONR, in early 2022.

You can find details of the consultation questions, detailed assessment topics and Assessment Findings in the full consultation document and assessment reports on GOV.UK and the Environment Agency’s online consultation hub.

We want you to understand what we are doing and why it is important. We've deliberately made the GDA process open and transparent.

We are:

Commenting on reactor designs

GDA includes a comments process. The reactor design company is encouraged to publish detailed design information on its website and update it as new information becomes available.

Anyone can view that information and comment on it. The design company is required to respond to questions and comments about their design. We are able to see both question and response so that we can consider them in our assessments. Comments can also be made to the Joint Programme Office.

The revised (3 February 2020) comments process document  provides the detail on the new, three step process.

The comments process for General Nuclear System Ltd’s UK HPR1000 reactor design

The UKHPR100 is subject to the previous comments process document, which has four steps, instead of the current three.

You can make a comment about the UK HPR1000 design via General Nuclear System Ltd’s website. The company will respond to the comments and issues raised.

We will see both the questions raised and the responses made and will use these, where relevant, to help inform our assessments of the UK HPR1000.

The comments process opened on 16 November 2017 and will continue throughout the GDA of the UK HPR1000 until around four months before we make our decisions on the acceptability of the UK HPR1000.

Closed comments processes

The comments processes for these reactor designs are now closed

Keeping you informed

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Each regulator designed its GDA process to reflect as closely as possible its normal process for applications for nuclear site permits.

The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales will consult on their preliminary GDA findings from the detailed assessment if the scope agreed with the requesting party is sufficient to consider issuing a SoDA. This follows the same approach as the original GDA process. If the agreed scope is not sufficient to consider issuing a SoDA, the Environment Agency will not consult. 

The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales will carefully consider all the comments received during the consultation on preliminary findings. They will use the comments to help inform the assessment and decision about whether to issue a SoDA for a particular design.