Office for Nuclear Regulation

Local Authorites for sites

Off-Site Emergency Plans under the Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulation

Local Authorities with nuclear licensed sites within their area have the statutory responsibility to determine Detailed Emergency Planning Zones (DEPZ) where there could be a radiation emergency. Outline planning Zones (OPZs) extend beyond the DEPZ and are specific in REPPIR to assist local authorities in planning for extremely unlikely but more severe events.

The table below lists the local authorities which have duties under REPPIR to determine a DEPZ and/or where there is an OPZ.

ONR Regulated Site Local Authority

AWE - Aldermaston & Burghfield

West Berkshire District Council

Barrow - BAE Systems

Cumbria County Council

Berkeley - Magnox Limited

Gloucestershire County Council

Capenhurst Urenco UK Limited

Cheshire West and Chester Council

Clyde Naval Base - Ministry of Defence

Argyle & Bute Council
Devonport - Devonport Royal Dockyard Ltd  and Devonport Naval Base

Plymouth City Council

Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd

Highland Council
Dungeness B - EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd Kent County Council

Hartlepool - EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd

Hartlepool Borough Council (Cleveland Emergency Planning Unit)

Harwell - Magnox Limited

Oxfordshire County Council

Heysham - EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd

Lancashire County Council

Hinkley Point B - EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd

Somerset County Council

Hunterston B - EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd

North & South Ayrshire County Councils

Loch Ewe - MoD

The Highland Council

Loch Goil - MoD

Argyle & Bute Council
Oldbury - Magnox Limited

South Gloucestershire Council

Portland - MoD

Dorset County Council

Portsmouth – MoD

Portsmouth City Council

Rolls Royce Marine - Derby

Derbyshire County Council
Sizewell B - EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd

Suffolk County Council


Cumbria County Council

Southampton - MoD

Southampton City Council
Springfields Fuels Limited

Lancashire County Council

Torness - EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd

East Lothian Council

Trawsfynydd - Magnox Limited

Gwynedd Council

Vulcan NRTE

Highland Council