Office for Nuclear Regulation

LC18 Ionising Radiation Regulations and COVID arrangements inspection

Executive summary

Purpose of Intervention

ONR undertook this inspection to examine Magnox Limited’s arrangements for controlling exposure to ionising radiations, Licence Condition 18 and Covid arrangements.  This was one of a series of planned inspections for 2020/21 in support of ONR’s Decommissioning Fuel and Waste sub-division strategy.

Interventions Carried Out by ONR

I inspected the Berkeley and Oldbury sites’ to review their onsite Covid secure measures and compliance with the following:

Explanation of Judgement if Safety System Not Judged to be Adequate

Not Applicable.

Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

The key findings were as follows:

Conclusion of Intervention

It is my judgement that the licensees are complying with the requirements of Licence Condition 18 and those elements of IRR17 which were inspected, at both Berkeley and Oldbury sites. Covid secure measures were in place at both sites and I observed good compliance being demonstrated by staff and contractors during the visits.  My query regarding a scaffolding platform was satisfactorily dealt with during the inspection.