Office for Nuclear Regulation

Sizewell B Power Station - Level 1 Emergency Exercise Tiger - Level 4 meetings RO13 report and IAEA OSART Mission

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

The purpose of this intervention was to undertake Licence Condition (LC) compliance inspections at EDF Nuclear Generation Limited’s (NGL’s) Sizewell B power station in line with the planned inspection programme contained in the Sizewell B Integrated Intervention Strategy (IIS).  The compliance inspections were carried out by the nominated site inspector and a team of ONR inspectors.

Interventions carried out by ONR

A team of ONR inspectors observed a demonstration exercise against Licence Condition 11 - emergency arrangements. The exercise was an annual demonstration of Sizewell B’s emergency response.

A number of other meetings were undertaken to gather information on the reactor outage 13 follow up report and the forthcoming International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) mission to the station.

Explanation of judgement if safety system not judged to be adequate.

Not applicable.

Key findings, Inspector’s opinions and reasons for judgements made

The ONR team considered the emergency exercise to be an adequate demonstration of the Sizewell B emergency arrangements. The exercise presented a challenge to the sites’ emergency arrangements and the incident was brought under control in a reasonable timescale.  Verbal feedback was given to the licensee by the ONR team at the exercise debrief, the details of which will be communicated in a letter from the ONR site inspector. 

On the basis of the observations made by the ONR inspection team during the emergency demonstration exercise an IIS rating of 3 - adequate is justified against licence condition 11 – emergency arrangements.

The reactor outage 13 lessons learnt exercise, associated corrective actions and governance arrangements in place provided confidence in the Licensee’s management arrangements to ensure a successful and safe reactor outage in 2016.  ONR will continue to engage with planning for reactor outage 14 through future site interventions.

The potential and expectation for ONR involvement in the IAEA mission is welcomed and this will be considered in formulating ONR’s site intervention plan for October 2015.

Conclusion of intervention

From the evidence obtained during this intervention, no matters have been identified that are likely to have a significant impact on nuclear safety on the station at this time. The learning opportunities identified during demonstration exercise will be formally communicated to the licensee and followed up by the site inspector at a future exercise review meeting.