Office for Nuclear Regulation

Planned compliance inspection

Executive summary

Purpose of intervention

The purpose of this intervention was to inspect compliance with Licence Conditions at EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited’s (NGL’s) Hinkley Point B power station during the Reactor 4 2015 statutory outage.

Interventions Carried Out by ONR

In line with the Hinkley Point B Integrated Intervention Strategy (IIS) Plan 2014-2015 I performed a compliance inspection against Licence Condition 32 - Accumulation of radioactive waste

This was a joint inspection with the Environment Agency (EA) and was carried out to an agreed agenda and in line with ONR’s published Technical Inspection Guides.

Key Findings, Inspector's Opinions and Reasons for Judgements Made

We reviewed the current solid radwaste arrangements on site, and how they were being implemented during the outage to manage accumulations. We then inspected area of site where waste was arising, and the onward management route.

We were content that the arrangements and their implementation associated with LC32 were to an adequate standard.

Proactive management of radwaste as it arises was demonstrated through training and planned resourcing and by disposals during outage. The site was actively pursuing waste minimisation measures by reusing containers and decontaminable materials. Physical controls over waste arising were exhibited through limited access to radwaste collection areas and waste facilities good repair with the waste stored in an orderly fashion. Unanticipated arisings from a changing work scope added pressure but was dealt with professionally.

We rated this element of the inspection through the IIS as 3 (adequate).

Conclusion of Intervention

There are no findings from this inspection that could significantly undermine nuclear safety and no change to the planned interventions and inspections of Hinkley Point B are required. No new issues have been raised.